How It Works

This section will walk you through how MySchool-UG works and how it meets its objectives in all the aspects that it deals with.

A School Account Admin (Administrator) is the person preferably a Head teacher under whose name the school is registered. He/ She will be responsible for making any critical changes to the school’s account details or anything related to the school on the system.
After an account has been created for you, you can access the ‘LOGIN’ area and click ‘School Account Admin’ and in the popup fill in the email address used at account creation without a password. Click Submit to login as a School Account Admin, and please change your password as soon as you log in.

  • While at the ‘Administrator Home’ page, you can register a new school in case your account has just been created by filling in the details about the school and submitting.

  • If you already have a school registered, you can also manage the school’s account by updating information about the school or even delete the school from the system.

  • By clicking on the school’s name or Centre Number, the system will take you to the school's home page.

  • You will then be prompted to fill in details about the current term such that MySchool-UG can start a session for the school for the current term.

  • Once a session has been successfully started, you will be redirected to the school account’s home page which has a summary of details about the school.

  • At the home page, on the navigation bar click ‘FEATURES’, then ‘Administrative’, then ‘School Setup’ to continue customizing the system to meet and reflect the structure of  your school.


  • You shall then be redirected to the ‘Set up your system’ page.
  • Click ‘Administrative Structure’ in the side navigation bar to go the school’s administrative structure where you shall register at least one administrative user such as a Head Teacher, Deputy Head Teacher and more.


  • After you have added an administrative user, you can choose to either logout and let the user you have created proceed with school set up or proceed with the set up process.

Note: Only Head Teachers or Deputies have access to everything on the school’s account.

  • All users that you have registered on the system can now login as System Users using the User ID that is automatically assigned to them by the system while registering them.

School setup Process

The major aim of this setup process is to ensure that you have the best experience of using MySchool-UG by making sure that the system is customized to be a proper reflection of your schools structure.
On the navigation bar click ‘FEATURES’, then ‘Administrative’, then ‘School Setup’ to start the set up process.

Critical areas include;

  • About the School

Involves entering detailed information about the school. This information will have already been entered into the system at the point of registration, so authorized users can only update it.

  • Administrative Structure

Involves setting up different offices and the occupants in the school structure such as Head Teacher, Deputies Head Teacher, Bursar, Examination Master, etc. Each user that is added will be shown on the left side of the content area while the entry form is only reserved for Head Teachers.

  • Academic Structure

Involves selecting subjects taught by the school at both “O” and “A” level, Subject Heads of Department, Classes, Streams and Class Teachers, Subject Teachers, and a Grading system which shall be used by the system to automatically grade students’ marks.

  • Subjects Taught

Choose which papers your school teaches from a list of all papers examinable by UNEB at both O’ and A’ Level.

  • Subject Heads of Department

Select heads of department from the drop down menu, and if the teacher you intend to select is not part of the list, click ‘Register More Teachers’ to add teachers to the list and reload the page.

  • Classes and Class Teachers

Check the boxes besides the classes that you teach at your school and for each class add the streams and select class teachers from the drop down menus.

  • Subject Teachers

Select a class and select teachers for each subject per class.

  • Grading System

Fill in a grading system for your school such that the system will use it to automatically grade students’ marks.

  • Fees Structure

Involves setting up the termly fees requirements for each class for both day and boarding sections, or either of the two, as is relevant to the school.

At this point your system has been fully customized and set up to run and manage all information about your school.

Aspects of MySchool-UG

As stated earlier, MySchool-UG covers five core aspects of any school, and in every aspect seeks to provide Control, 24/7 hour access and convenience.

Profile Management.

Now that your system has already been set up, you can easily enroll students onto the system, as well as more teachers and manage their profiles accordingly.

Features here include:

  • Student and Staff enrollment;

You can easily enroll students and Staff members onto the system. In case of a student, you will be required to provide their Bio data, Guardian information, and academic details such as Class, subjects and more. Enrollment can be done by a teacher or any one of a higher category, after which the student’s account will await approval by a Head teacher or Deputy Head teacher.

To access the enrollment section, click ‘FEATURES’ on the navigation bar, then ‘Administrative’, and then under enrollments choose either ‘Student Enrollment’ or ‘Staff Enrollment’.

Navigation bar - Accessing Enrollment

Student Enrollment

  • A detailed profile page.

No more need for box files, with our Profile Manager you can easily check any one’s profile if you have appropriate rights, and update it accordingly by just typing in a few letters of their name.

  • Phone Books

MySchool-UG also maintains a quick to search phone book of all contacts related to the school, such as parents, and staff members telephone numbers and any other relevant contacts.
What is even more interesting is if you are accessing the system using a phone, all you need to is click the number to place the call.

  • Student arrivals

The system also helps you check in students after the start of a new term and helps you monitor how many have arrived so far. It also automatically promotes students to next class in case it is the beginning of a new year.


MySchool-UG helps you manage your academic information effectively and smoothly since it keeps all relevant information close to each other and links to perform regular tasks are also well within reach.
To access Academics, click ‘FEATURES’ on the navigation bar, then Academics.

Features here include:

  • Marks Entries

MySchool-UG provides a very simple tool where all teachers can easily enter their marks_".$_SESSION['CentreNo']." and it also automatically filters the list of subjects according to who has logged in to enter marks and also automatically generates a list of students based on the details entered

  • Results Access and Performance Statistics

MySchool-UG also offers easy access and quick statistical analysis of student’s results for each session of study per class, and per subject.
It gives you all your school’s performance history in one place.

  • Student Performance Tracking

With MySchool-UG you can also track the performance of a particular student over the entire duration of their stay at school. Students after login can also track their performance and better plan their targets and methods of attaining better results.
Parents as well can track their children’s performance without having to travel to school or talk to any teacher since marks for any assessment are accessible to them as soon as they are entered by the subject teacher.

  • Report Generation

MySchool-UG does automatic grading of student’s marks with reference to your grading system as they are entered by subject teachers and as such offers you the ability to view an automatically generated student’s report at any time as long as marks have been entered for them.

It has also been designed to;

  • Allow subject teachers to add their comments to reports for subjects they teach.

  • Let class teachers add a comment for the student and acknowledge marks for the student after affirming that all marks that the subject teachers entered are correct.

  • Let the Head teacher add a comment for the student and acknowledge the report for printing.
  • Quick and easy scrolling through reports for each class.

  • Run a bulk print of all students’ reports with just a single click.


MySchool-UG’s goal is to make bursars much more effective by helping them manage all their fees payments.
With reference to the financial structure that you provided during set up, MySchool-UG automatically keeps track of all fees payments that you register on to the system.
To access the Finance Section, click ‘FEATURES’, then Finances.

Once at the Financial Reports page, you can;

  • ‘Enter New Fees Payments’

MySchool-UG gives bursars provision here to enter payment details on students’ bank slips into the system.
The system uses the entered details to automatically keep track of students’ payments, and monitor fees balances, including carrying forward balances from the previous term.

  • Print Demand Notices

If a bursar chooses to print demand notices, the system automatically generates a list of defaulting students for each class and automatically creates demand notices for all of them indicated their balance as at the date of printing.

  • View Fees payment reports

At the Financial Reports page, select a class from the drop down menu and set it to view payments of students of that class.
The records are divided into Full Payments, half payments and zero payments.


  • Financial Statements

The system also generates an updated financial statement for each student indicating all payment deposits and the different fees required by the school. This statement is accessible to the bursar, student, parent, and the Head Teacher and Deputies only.


For any school, discipline is a key component of every student. As such MySchool-UG offers you a fast and easy way of monitoring a student’s behavior at school.
Cases of indiscipline can be registered by any staff member, and are accessible by the student’s parent. Thus a parent would be well aware of their children’s conduct at school.
To access the discipline section click ‘FEATURES’, then Discipline.

MySchool-UG Extras

MySchool-UG also offers a lot more than just covering the five aspects described. For administrators, and the rest of the staff there is a good collection of extra tools to use.

  • Timetables.

MySchool-UG gives you the ability to upload timetables for anyone to access and plan their days better.

  • Important dates

The system also gives you provision to record important dates for the term and gives regular notifications as reminders to staff, students and parents alike.

  • Meetings

With MySchool-UG, keeping and accessing minutes from your meetings just got a whole lot easier. Upload minutes to the system and let anyone that needs them access anytime.

  • My Desk

With MySchool-UG’s ‘My Desk’, you have all your regular tasks available to you all in one place. Your mark sheets, class lists, timetables , resources are all available to you.

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